Our Clinic Survey delivers a powerful advantage for improving performance, reducing costs, and increasing market share. With our solutions and your commitment to quality healthcare, clinics can immediately begin to make measurable improvements.

As healthcare providers seek to distinguish themselves from others, high quality is one way an otherwise intangible product can be differentiated from competitors in a crowded market.

Research has found that patients who evaluate services as being higher in quality tend to be more satisfied, more apt to use the service again in the future, more likely to comply with given medical advice and treatment regimens, and presumably more likely to attain better health outcomes.

Promoters are enthusiastically loyal to your brand, your organization, your product, and your service. They tell all their friends how great you are. They buy more and are receptive to your other products and services.

Passives believe you are just OK, and they would be just as likely to use your competitor.

Detractors actively hurt your organization. Their negative word of mouth creates additional detractors. They’re costly, time-consuming, and drive people away from your products and services. Also note, it is 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one.

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Source: White House Office of Consumer Affairs