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What is my competition’s market share in my market? Which of my competitors are gaining or losing market share in my area? This report provides a snapshot of who is gaining or losing market share inside your local market area over a defined time period and geographic area. Easily identify competitors who are growing their business inside your local market at your expense. Order another report by race/ethnicity to get additional insight into the competitive environment in your area. How is my business being affected by changing demographics? What is my share of the Hispanic market?

  • County Level Analysis (What funeral homes provided services to deceased residents of  by method of disposal).  Available for all 159 counties 
  1. 2017 Georgia Funeral Home County Guide
  2. 2018 – 2019 Georgia Funeral Home County Guide

Also Available reports as custom  (see data request form)

City/ZIP Code Market Share
Market share by race/ethnicity
Market share by gender
Market share by 
City/ZIP Code Market Share Gainers/Loser
County Market Share Gainers/Losers
Multi-Location Owner County Market Share